According to Kyodo…

28 Sentyabr 2017 14:39

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dissolved Japan’s House of Representatives on Thursday, calling a general election in a bid to maintain his hold on power, while opposition parties rallied together in a major reorganization aimed at giving the administration a challenge at the polls, according to Kyodo.Abe dissolved the lower house and set an Oct. 22 election as soon as it convened at noon for an extraordinary session, without making a policy speech and without a plan to hold a press conference afterward.The timing of the election, official campaigning for which will start on Oct. 10, suggests the premier’s primary goal is to take advantage of perceived weakness and lack of preparation in the opposition.The main opposition Democratic Party has recently been in disarray, while a new party with charismatic Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike at the helm was established just this week.