Police are currently looking for the shooter

23 Oktyabr 2017 14:35

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An unknown gunman has reportedly injured four people on Saturday evening at a basketball court in Chester, Pennsylvania, US, according to RT.The attacker opened fire from an elevated position at a ‘good distance’ from the court, the local branch of CBS reports, citing police. Assault rifle and handgun rounds were found at the spot where the shots were fired from. Police are currently looking for the shooter.

IV ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival announced the winners

IV ANIMAFILM International Animation Festival was held in Baku on September 3-7, 2021. Over 200 animated films from 40 countries were screened for children and adults during 5 days. This year the festival's theme was dedicated to people with disabilities. The festival featured a reach educational program, including Masud Panahi’s masterclass for animation students, Nancy Danny-Phelps and Nick Phelps’ seminar for composers and sound engineers; and Olivier Catherine’s workshop for film producers. The jury of IV ANIMAFILM Festival included Masud Panahi, Irada Baghirzade (Azerbaijan), Olivier Catherine (France), Nancy Danny-Phelps and Nick Phelps (Belgium), Mariam Kandelaki (Georgia), Piotr Kardas (Poland), Mehdi Khorushy and Maryam Rouhbakhsh (Iran). The head of the Jury was Nancy Danny-Phelps. Traditionally, the Children's Jury selected two winners in the categories of Best Short Animated Film for Children and Best Short Animated Film Made by Children after participating in an educational and entertaining program during the festival. The winners were announced at the closing ceremony of the ANIMAFILM festival on September 7. Director of photography Ramiz Aghayev was awarded the Golden Boat Award for his contribution to the Azerbaijani animation. The winners of International Competition Best Feature Animated Film - GRAND PRIX - The Knight and the Princess, directors Bashir Eldik and Ibrahim Musa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. Best Short Animated Film - GRAND PRIX - Kitchen by Measure, directors Sólrún Ylfa Ingimarsdóttir and Atli Arnarsson, Iceland. Best Screenplay for a Short Animated Film - GRAND PRIX - Weird Witches and Fall, author Lana Ra, Ukraine. Best Short Animated Film Made for Children - Emsahar, director Hassan Al-Jahni, Qatar. Best Short Animated Film Made by Children - Monster, director Koosha Yusefi, Iran. Best Short Experimental or Abstract Animated Film - Rites of Spring, director Yiorgos Tsangaris, Cyprus. Best Short Student Animated Film - Three Jumps to Happiness, director Artur Hanaj. Poland. Best Animated TV series - Mitch-Match, director Géza M. Tóth, Hungary. Best Animated Music Video - Agapito, directors Rafael Vidal Altabert and Julián Gómez Caballero, Spain. The winners of Local Competition Best Azerbaijani Short Animated Film - Skullcap, director Frangiz Gurbanova. Azerbaijan. Best Azerbaijani Screenplay for a Short Animated Film - Small Red Ball, author Gunel Eminli. Azerbaijan. Special mention awards of the International Jury Head of the Jury Nancy Denney-Phelps’ award - Swipe, director Arafat Mazhar, Pakistan. Jury member Nik Phelps’ award - Navozande, the Musician, director Reza Riahi, France. Jury member Masud Pənachi’s award - Moan, director Ruslan Kerimov, Azerbaijan. Jury member Olivier Catherin’s award - The Red Pen, director Raffaele Gabrielli, United Kingdom. Jury member Piotr Kardas’ award - Sisters, director Andrea Szelesová, Czech Republic. Jury member Maryam Kandelaki’s award - Nothing is Here, director Kaiyun Yang, Taiwan. Jury member Mehdi Khorushy’s and Maryam Rouhbakhsh’s award – Tio, director Juan Medina, Mexico. Thank you! The organiser of the festival, PERI FILM LLC, would like to thank all the partners and friends who supported the IV ANIMAFILM Festival, especially the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Union of Film-makers, Creative Azerbaijan Portal, Embassy of France in Azerbaijan, French Institute in Azerbaijan, Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Salaam Cinema, Hadigro company, MR Chemical LLC, US-Educated Azerbaijani Alumni Association, Embassy of the Czech Republic to Azerbaijan, YARAT Contemporary Art Space, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Baku, Ritual Mobil Theater Labaratory platform, Seni company, Promo Plus company and Kekalove Adaptive Fashion company.xeber100.com  

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His conflicts of interest and his ties to Russia, according to Bloomberg…

President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, will testify publicly before a House committee next month in a hearing that could serve as the opening salvo of a promised Democratic effort to scrutinize Trump, his conflicts of interest and his ties to Russia, according to Bloomberg.The House Oversight and Reform Committee announced Thursday that Cohen will appear before that panel Feb. 7, a little more than a month after the Democrats took the House majority.The hearing marks the latest step in Cohen's transformation from a trusted legal adviser to the president to a public antagonist who has cooperated extensively against him. Although Democrats say the questioning will be limited to avoid interfering with open investigations, the hearing is still likely to pull back the curtain on key episodes involving Trump's personal life and business dealings, including hush-money payments to women.Cohen has pleaded guilty in both investigations and was sentenced last month to three years in prison. An adviser to Cohen, Lanny Davis, said shortly after he was sentenced that the former political fixer wanted to testify and "state publicly all he knows."In a statement released on Thursday, Cohen said he had accepted the invitation "in furtherance of my commitment to cooperate and provide the American people with answers."Trump has denied wrongdoing and sought to minimize Cohen's statements by painting him as a liar. Asked by reporters in Texas on Thursday about Cohen's appearance, Trump said he's "not worried about it at all."

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Toyota Motor Corp multi-year industry recall campaign announced

Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) said Wednesday it is recalling another 1.7 million vehicles worldwide for potentially faulty Takata air bag inflators as part of a multi-year industry recall campaign announced in 2016, according to Reuters.Automakers are adding about 10 million vehicle inflators in the United States to what was already the largest-ever recall campaign in history. Last week, Ford Motor Co said it was recalling 953,000 vehicles worldwide for Takata inflators. Previously, 37 million U.S. vehicles with 50 million inflators were recalled and 16.7 million inflators remain to be replaced.At least 23 deaths worldwide have been linked to the rupturing of faulty Takata air bag inflators, including 15 in the United States.Toyota's new recall relates to vehicles from the 2010 through 2015 model years, and includes 1.3 million vehicles in the United States.More than 290 injuries worldwide have been linked to Takata inflators that could explode, spraying metal shrapnel inside cars and trucks. In total, 19 automakers are recalling more than 100 million potentially faulty inflators worldwide.To date, 21 deaths have been reported in Honda Motor Co (7267.T) vehicles and two in Ford vehicles. Both automakers have urged some drivers of older vehicles not to drive them until the inflators are replaced.The defect led Takata to file for bankruptcy protection in June 2017. In April, auto components maker Key Safety Systems completed a $1.6 billion deal to acquire Takata. The merged company, known as Joyson Safety Systems, is a subsidiary of Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp (600699.SS).Automakers in the United States repaired more than 7.2 million defective Takata air bag inflators in 2018 as companies ramped up efforts to track down parts in need of replacement, according to a report released last month.

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